Structure of IUT

The structure of the University comprises the Joint General Assembly, the Governing Board, Syndicate and the Vice Chancellor. The internal setup and working conditions of the University are governed by its Internal Rules and Regulations as approved by the ICFM as well as by the provisions of the Personnel and Financial Regulations of the OIC.

The Vice Chancellor of the University is the chief executive in charge of the overall management of the University and takes measures necessary for realizing the objectives of the University. The Member States cooperate in every possible manner to assist the University in pursuing its objectives. The budget of the University is financed by mandatory contributions of the Government of the Member States in proportion to their contribution to the budget of the General Secretariat of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Joint General Assembly

 The Islamic Commission for Economic, Cultural and Social Affairs consisting of all Member States of the OIC acts as Joint General Assembly of the Subsidiary Organs including IUT. The Joint General Assembly acting as General Assembly of the University

  • Determines the general policy of the University and provides the general guidance to it.
  • Examines the activity programme of the University and submits its recommendations to the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (ICFM).
  • Examines and approves the Internal Rules and Regulations governing the internal activities of the University.
  • Elects the members of the Governing Board for a specific period.
  • Examines the whole budget which is prepared on programme basis prior to its submission to the Permanent Finance Committee (PFC).
  • Considers and submits for the approval of the ICFM the final accounts of the University after having been audited by the Finance Control Organ (FCO).