There are several societies and students forum present in IUT. Student participate in various activities of these societies throughout the year. Some brief introduction of these is given below

IUT Society of Islamic Knowledge Seekers (IUT SIKS)

The students of IUT have created different societies in IUT such as IUT Debating Society, IUT Computer society, IUT Robotics Society and so on. With the blessing of Allah, IUTian students have also created another great society which is only for the purpose of satisfying Allah named IUT Society of Islamic Knowledge Seekers. It includes all those who are willing to widen their knowledge about matters involving Islam. IUT facilitates with the right environment to practice and expand our knowledge about Islamic matters which we believe is a duty of all of the Muslims. So beside all the other societies functioning within IUT, IUTSIKS carries out a vital role by keeping the students in constant touch with Islamic thoughts and programs alike which the club enthusiastically organizes around the year.The motto of IUT Society of Islamic Knowledge Seekers is "Seeking the true knowledge of Islam" Initially IUT Society of Islamic Knowledge Seekers was called IUT Islamic Study Society that is in short IUTISS which was established in 2008. Later in 2016, the name was changed to IUT Society of Islamic Knowledge Seekers, which is in short form, IUT SIKS

The main purpose of IUT Society of Islamic Knowledge seekers is, seeking Islamic knowledge... as our beloved prophet Muhammad (sm) said, "Seeking knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim"

IUT Computer Society (IUTCS)

IUT Computer Society (IUTCS) was formed in 2008 by the students of the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (CIT), which was later renamed to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, of Islamic University of Technology, The annual activities of the society include Programming Classes as well as regular programming contests, Application Development Classes, Co-curricular Aid and Projects. In addition workshops on current mainstream applications and technologies as well as seminars with notable personalities and professionals in the ICT sector, are a regular part of the calendar events of the IUT Computer Society.

The primary goal of the IUT Computer Society is to develop an ICT oriented generation of citizens. With this agenda in mind, IUT Computer Society has taken initiatives by organizing various ICT related contests both within the campus and outside as well. Besides these, IUTCS wishes to encourage the next generation to improve their skills in ICT fields and it is one of the top priorities of the society to ensure not only the development of the university but the development of the country on the whole.

The members of IUTCS have many prestigious achievements in the various fields of ICT. Teams on behalf of IUT have won accolades and honors in the fields of robotics and programming both on home ground as well as in external competitions. Teams have placed well in competitions such as Runners-up in the prestigious Microsoft Imagine Cup competition, as well as honorable places in various application development and programming contests.

IUTCS continues to strive towards the development of the ICT Field and is fully dedicated with able minds to work on this goal.

IUT Debating Society (IUTDS)

IUT Debating Society is one of the most popular and successful clubs in English debating in the debating world. IUTDS was established in 2002, with the motto ‘Debating for Knowledge Dissemination’. Throughout its journey, IUTDS has had glorious achievements both in Bangladesh, by becoming national champions, and internationally, by ranking highly at the Worlds Universities Debating Championship (WUDC). Along with these tangible achievements, IUTDS has also established a tradition and culture of free speech and exchange of ideas amongst its students. The annual Intra-IUT debates and the fact that international students from Pakistan, Uganda, Afghanistan and Gambia have represented IUT in inter-university competitions tell the story of the platform that IUTDS provides for the students to engage in.

IUT Debating Society has been entrusted with the responsibility of putting IUT on the map as a regular participant in the World Universities Debating Championship [WUDC]. IUTDS created history in the World Championship 2008 (Thailand) by scoring 12 team points in 2008 WUDC, a score of 13 in the 2010 WUDC in Turkey and followed it up by scoring 12 points in 2012 WUDC in Philippines as well as in 2013 in Germany and 2014 WUDC in India. In Turkey, Rishad Sharif, our former President and Salman Saquib scored 664 points each which was also a record by any Bangladeshi speaker for highest ever individual points. The society has recently been ranked 30th (ranked first amongst Bangladeshi Universities) in the ESL category out of over 500 Debate Clubs according to 6th January 2012. In 2013, According to International Debate Education Association (IDEA) IUTDS had ranked 208th (2nd in Bangladesh) among 942 universities around the world.

IUT Debating Society also specializes in organization of National and International tournaments. The journey of organizing started in 2007 with an international tournament BD OPEN. It later continued the legacy by organizing the IUT Nationals’09 and also the first IUT IV 2010. The success of the flagship tournament continued with IUT IV 2012. Being a regular host of quality debate tournaments, IUTDS organized the “IUT Professionals 1.0” in 2013. In all the national tournaments IUTDS incorporated International Debating personnel and held the tournaments in international structure.

IUT Photographic Society (IUTPS)

Islamic University of Technology Photographic Society (IUTPS) is an on campus organization aimed to bring together the students who share interest in photography and creativity. Founded in 2010, IUTPS is now a prestigious name among the photography club in the university level. Moderated by Dr. KhondokarHabibulKabir, IUTPS currently has around 50 members, with the Executive Body consisting of 10 senior members. IUTPS arrange classes, organize regular photo walks, and intra photography competition to introduce the freshers into the world of photography where they can discover real passion about photography .Members of IUTPS regularly participates in various photographic exhibitions, picking up some major honors along the way, but the most precious possession of IUTPS is 'Break The Circle" an International photography exhibition. Till now IUTPS has successfully organized Break The Circle consecutively for five times. Now it is a well-known name among the photographers. Each year participants from well renowned universities and organizations from home and abroad participate there. IUTPS, welcomes students of all years and departments; encourages students of all skill levels to participate, IUTPS strongly believes that success is the ultimate result of team work hence there goes there motto 'LESS ME MORE WE'

IUT IEEE Society

IEEE IUT Student Branch is a proud chapter of the Bangladesh Section of the largest professional organization, IEEE. Starting a year before the millennium, in 1999, this organization is now in its teenage years and like a regular teenager, it still has that magic of a teenager, one who can face a problem with the eyes of an adult and yet, find its solution with the innocence of a kid. So, instead of focusing on only tech events, IEEE IUT SB stands for a lot more, its aim is to reach out to every nook and corner of the country with achievements of its members, and at the same time, it also expects its members to bring about the change they want to see.IEEE IUT Student Branch wants to portray a stature whose aura eclipses everything within the horizon.