IUT provides residential facilities that is safe and comfortable and in great locations inside the University campus. Currently there are two Halls of Residence for the male students:

  1. South Hall of Residence
  2. North Hall of Residence

The female hall of residence is under-construction.

Student/Trainee will reside in the seat/room of the Hall of Residence allotted to him and shall not allow any guest without prior permission of the Provost. Nobody shall use any part of the Dormitory for cooking and eating. Maintaining halls of residence in clean and tidy conditions is a shared responsibility. Every member of the Dormitory should help keep the room, veranda, corridor, toilets etc. clean and keep their waste materials in the place earmarked for the same. No food should be brought to the Dormitory from the Cafeteria. All residential students should be inside the campus by 10 p.m., and no activity that disturbs other students should be done. Undue making of noise is strictly prohibited. Outside cable and telephone connections are not allowed. No unwanted materials should be kept in Campus, and possessions, consumption and trading of such materials are strictly prohibited and will be dealt with severely. Anybody having the knowledge about the presence of such materials should inform the Hall Authorities immediately. A code of conduct can be found here and may be obtained from the office of the provost.


IUT has two self-service Cafeterias (South and North) where the students take their breakfast and normal meals. All residential students are provided with continental breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner. The students are now being exempted from paying this cost for some of the programmes. However, they may be required to pay the cost partly, if not in full, to account for any shortage in the contribution by the Member States. Nonresidential students may also take meals from the cafeteria on pay-per-basis using their smart cards.

The Cafeteria remains open from 0700 hrs. to 2200 hrs. everyday with breaks for prayers. Meals are, however, served according to the following schedule:

Breakfast* 0700 hrs. to 0930 hrs.
Lunch (with prayer break) 1200 hrs. to 1430 hrs.
Prayer break 1300 hrs. to 1330 hrs.
Evening Tea 1630 hrs. to 1730 hrs.
Dinner 1900 hrs. to 2200 hrs.
* On holidays, breakfast is served upto 10:00 hrs.

The weekly cafeteria menu is fixed. Click here for the current weekly menu.

The Cafeterias are managed by the Cafeteria Committee headed by the Provost with the help of other members represented by staff as well as students. The Cafeteria Committee is responsible for setting the guidelines related to menu and day-to-day affairs of the Cafeteria. A student may submit his ideas on improvement of the menu, hygienic condition inside the Cafeteria, servicing, etc. to any member of this committee for consideration within the approved budget.

Click here for the complete list of members of Cafeteria Committee.

For efficient functioning of the cafeteria, it is necessary that all its users co-operate with the cafeteria staffs. Students are advised to refrain from such activities which may affect the normal functioning of the cafeteria. CC Cameras have been installed in some locations of the cafeteria. Disciplinary actions including imposition of fines will be taken against any student found engaged in any such activity. Records of breach of disciplines will be used in making decisions for some cases. A complete list of Cafeteria Rules and Regulation can be found here.


There is a laundry inside the campus at the North West corner. An outside party runs it on contract basis. Students may avail of the laundry facilities on payment basis at subsidized rate. The price list of laundering as approved by the University is available at the Laundry House.


Hall Related Emergencies:

Mr. Abu Syed Md. Yousuf Hall Supervisor, South Hall of Residence Ext: 3271, 3216 Mobile: 01713608968 Mr. Sujat Ali Sardar Hall Supervisor, North Hall of Residence Ext: 3271, 3264 Mobile: 01716376395

Cafeteria Related Emergencies:

Md. Mahbubul Alam Cafeteria Supervisor Ext: 3298 Mobile: 01714073066

Medical Emergencies:

Dr. Md. Badrul Hassan Chief Medical Officer, IUT. Ext: 3238 Mobile: 01817514975 Dr. Shafique Ahmed Khan Deputy Chief Medical Officer, IUT. Ext: 3224 Mobile: 01619567178 IUT Ambulance: 01716141399, 01724641414

Fire Emegencies:

Gazipur Fire Station : 9801070, 9252628