Provost Office, Halls of Residence (Female)

Prof. Dr. Golam Sarowar
Provost, Halls of Residence (Female)

List of employees of the office

Serial Name Designation Contact number Email Address
1 Prof. Dr. Golam Sarowar Provost +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3332 provost.female(AT)
2 Nafiz Imtiaz Bin Hamid Assistant Provost +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3315 nimtiaz(AT)
3 Ms. Farnia Nayar Parshi Assistant Provost   farnianayar(AT)
4 Md. Mahbubul Alam Hall Assistant (Cafeteria) +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3298 malam(AT)

List of Employees of the Halls and Cafeteria:

Serial Name Designation Contact number Email Address
1 Ms. Rozi Naznin Assistant Secretary +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3368
2 Ms. Yasmin Akhter Hera Assistant Hall Supervisor +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3368
3 Ms. Mahmuda Sultana Assistant Cafeteria Supervisor +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3289
4 Ms. Nargish Akter Retu Assistant Cafe Store keeper +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3289
5 Ms. Ferdousy Begam Assistant Security Attendant    
6 Ms. Jechhmin Khatun Assistant Security Attendant    
7 Ms. Nasrin Aktar Assistant Security Attendant    
8 Ms. Sabina Akter Assistant Security Attendant    
9 Ms. Fatima Akter Shimu Assistant Chef    
10 Ms. Taslima Begum Assistant Chef