Games & Sports


The University attaches great importance to co-curricular activities and encourages the students to participate in various games and sports. The Games and Sports Committee consisting of the student members and few staff members, looks after the indoor and outdoor games. It also organizes the annual athletic competition. Each student member acts as the Captain of a particular game and is nominated by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the Chairman of the Games and Sports Committee.

A Senior Physical Instructor is also available to provide advice and guidance to the students and for the procurement and maintenance of the kits for various games and sports of the University. Time-schedule for various games and competitions are announced by the Physical Instructor as and when necessary. The University attaches a great importance to co-curricular activities and encourages the students to participate in various games and sports. For recreation of the students, university has two student centers provided with facilities like TV room, Newspaper reading room etc. Students are encouraged to participate in games and sports activities. Participation of students in these activities equips them to sharpen their competitive skills and develop team spirit.


Student Centre

The university has set up two student centre for two different halls of residence with the introduction of the best quality International standards TT Tables, recreation halls, indoor games facilities like carom, chess etc.


The University gymnasium is a spacious area consisting of various hi-tech equipments, indoor basketball court etc.

Fitness centre

The University has established a mini Gym centre in the campus. This centre is equipped with Parallel bars, uneven bars and weight exercise equipment etc. students are fully benefited by this center in the morning and evening times.


Two Football Grounds

Football lives up to its reputation of being a widely played and followed sport in the world. The university has two football grounds. Football is widely followed on campus.

Volleyball Ground

There are two volleyball courts available in the campus. Regular practice sessions have been started by the coach and a great response has been given by students.

Basketball Court

There are two different basket ball courts with indoor and outdoor facilities available in the IUT campus. Being one of the most popular sports on campus, basket-ball is played by a large number of students in the evenings.

Lawn Tennis Court

There is one long tennis court available in the campus. The courts are supported by 10 floodlights that make playing at night possible and players are often seen practicing well after darkness in the evening.

Badminton Complex

Badminton is widely played here especially in the winter session. The badminton court is located in the student housing and being supported with lights, it is always full of players and their cheering friends.

Cricket Practice Pitch

The games and sports section of the university have always encouraged the students to participate the cricket practice match. Cricket ground with artificial pitches is available with other facilities.


Student Centre Common Room

The Student Centre common room is a big area which is located near the halls of residence. Students play indoor games during the schedule time frame. The common room has the facilities with international class T.T. tables, recreation room; apparatus for carom, chess, draught and scrabble are also available. A complete gymnasium with equipment like Horizontal Bar, Parallel Bar, Vaulting Horse, Roman Ring and facilities for Floor Exercise, Trampoline, and Weight Training Room etc.


Students Counselling and Guidance Service is an integral part of the academic programmes of students of the teaching Departments and centers of the University. It aims at helping students to adjust to campus life, effectively pursue curricular as well as co-curricular activities, develop their abilities for making wise choices and plans, and solve individual problems through counseling.


Sl. No. Event Scheduled Time
01. Football 5:00 PM to Salatul Magrib
02. Volleyball 5:00 PM to Salatul Magrib
03. Cricket 5:00 PM to Salatul Magrib
04. Basketball 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
05. Badminton 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
06. Table Tennis 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
07. Lawn Tennis 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
08. Chess, Carrom, Drought & Scrabble 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Tentative schedule of various Games and Sports competition of IUT for the academic year 2015-16.
Date Activities
18.02.16 (February) Annual Badminton Competition-2016
13.02.16 (February) Annual Athletic Competition-2016
24.02.16 (February) Inter Department Cricket Competition-2016
16.03.15 (March) Annual Lawn Tennis Competition-2016
18.04.16 (April) Inter-Department Volleyball Competition-2016
29.04.16 (April) Inter-Department Football Competition-2016
18.06.16 (June-July) Inter-Department Basketball Competition-2016
10.07.16 (July-August) Annual Table-Tennis and Carom Competition-2016
27.08.16 (August-September) Annual Chess, Drought & Scrabble Competition-2016
28 September Annual Prize giving ceremony-2016