Culture and Diversity

Islamic University of Technology offers its students a unique and unparalleled opportunity of mixing with diversified culture on a daily basis. Students from South Asia, Middle East, Africa and some other regions join this university every year. Apart from their academic study together, they share the dorm together, and hence, the daily life, habits and norms get noticed. This is a beautiful circumstance to learn about each other in the most natural way.

IUT Annual Cultural Night

IUT arranges many functions all over the years, but one of the most special ones is the Annual Cultural Night. Students from different countries represent their culture on stage, in front of the whole university.So the audience gets to see the most colorful vision of a wide array of diversified culture, from Bangladeshi folk song to African traditional dance and Yemeni game. The performers make sure that no one forgets about these appearances and colors they present.

Food & Fashion

During Ramadan or any other festival, there are always few communities who cook their traditional food and share it with students from other communities. They even share cultural habits, stories and fashion ideas. That’s the reason why many students from abroad get addicted to tradition of host country. IUT offers a rare opportunity to explore different cultures at the same time and students never cease to take full advantage of it.