Procedure for Nomination And Selection

Nominations of eligible candidates for the programmes are to be sent to IUT in order of merit on the basis of tests prescribed by the University and conducted by the Nominating Authority and Focal Points of the Member States of the OIC, by 10 September, 2015 for candidates coming from outside Bangladesh (International Students). However, they must download the form from the following link and apply through proper channel. Applicants having contagious and communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, venereal diseases, AIDS, HIV positive, hepatitis B etc. are ineligible for admission. Each nomination should be accompanied with-

(i) Application of the nominee in the prescribed form, available in the office of the Nominating Authority and Focal Points, duly filled in, along with attested copies of academic certificates, mark-sheets / transcript and character certificate.  Follow the links below to download application form.

(ii) Report from an authorized Medical Practitioner on (a) eye-sight, hearing and general fitness for prolonged mental and physical exertion, (b) blood and urine, (c) chest X-ray and (d) contagious & communicable diseases, such as tuberculosis, venereal diseases, AIDS, HIV positive, hepatitis B etc.

(iii) A letter from the nominating authority / guardian assuring that return air-ticket of the graduating student will be sent to the University by first week of September of his graduating year.

The final selection of the students will be made by the Admission Committee of the University on receipt of nominations from Nominating Authorities, and taking into consideration of their academic performance, merit, age, past conduct and geographical distribution. If, however, the number of suitable candidates for a particular programme / specialization is not sufficient, it will not be offered by the University.  Names of the provisionally selected candidates will be published in the admission section of the University website.

After completing one programme at IUT, a student may be allowed to pursue a second programme,if he has minimum required grade and he is selected by the Admission Committee for the same. No one is allowed to pursue more than two programmes continuously. All are required to return to their respective countries immediately after completing the programme at the University