Academic Life

IUT offers a rich, vibrant and wholesome academic environment that not only equips the students with academic success but also encourages them to thrive as excellent individuals. State of the art lab facilities, enriched library, and engaging classroom environment provide a unique learning ambience. A low student-faculty ratio makes sure every student gets ample attention inside and outside of the classroom. As a true multicultural hub, IUT students experience and enjoy a wholesome academic life.

Undergraduate Academic Life

Spanning in multiple disciplines of engineering, science and technology, IUT undergraduate students are the life of the University. IUT provides dedicated advisory services to each students, making sure all the aspects are covered- grades, health, and overall well-being.

Graduate Academic Life

Graduate students are an important part of IUT as they are an integral part of the research works. Each graduate student works closely with dedicated research groups and faculty members as we conduct world-class research in an amiable environment.